Patient Acuity

Sunrise Patient Acuity™ from Eclipsys helps nurse leaders accurately and efficiently plan for care demand and assign nursing staff where they are needed most by calculating and tracking patient acuity levels. The solution integrates with Sunrise Demand Manager™ and Sunrise Staff Manager™ to help plan for care needs and ensure nurse skills match the acuity-driven needs of patients.

The solution uniquely works as a function of a hospital’s clinical documentation in the Sunrise Clinical Manager™ clinical information solution and automatically calculates patient acuity levels based on assessment and intervention data. Factoring in complexities and risks as well as the skill levels of staff, the solution enables hospitals to efficiently assign resources to their most high-need patients, in spite of nurse shortages.

Supporting both day-to-day staffing decisions and long-term, executive-level care planning, Sunrise Patient Acuity promotes regulatory staffing compliance, streamlines productivity and helps improve patient care outcomes.

Outcomes leadership from Eclipsys

Discover how Sunrise Patient Acuity can help your hospital overcome staffing challenges to optimize your workforce and quickly meet patients' needs, leading to improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes.  Learn more about our outcomes leadership or contact us today to get more information and schedule a demo with an Eclipsys representative.

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