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Technical Support

Welcome to MediNotes Technical Support. Please note that your maintenance agreement must be current for us to help you with any questions.

In order to make your time spent with Technical Support more successful, you will need to have performed a complete backup of your MediNotes e system at least one night prior to your call. We will also need you to know how to restore your backed-up files if needed.

Most Current Release: MediNotes e Version 5.4

If you are running MediNotes e version 5.4 and would like to obtain the most current build of the progam, please refer to the Online Update tool within your software. To do this, click the Tools drop down menu and select "Online Update." Please note that this only works if you are currently running version 5.4 of the software.

For users running earlier versions, please log in to our downloads page to obtain the latest build for your version.

Please click here if you would like to be notified by email when we release a new build of MediNotes e. Include your name, the name of your clinic or practice and the email address at which you would like to receive the update information.

As with any install:

  • Synchronize all mobile databases prior to an update or upgrade
  • Close all running applications, close applications in the system tray, and disable anti-virus software
  • Make a backup of your existing database(s) and logfile(s)
  • Prepare enough time to update all of the networked clients and the server
  • Click here for MediNotes e upgrade instructions

Login Here
to access MediNotes e software updates,
patches and details files.

Clients Not Current On Maintenance

MediNotes offers hourly technical support to clients without a current MediNotes (EMR) maintenance agreement. Hourly technical support assistance is $200 per hour with a two hour minimum per incident. Service extending past the initial two hours will be billed at the rate of $200 per hour and will accrue in 15 minute ($50) increments. The initial two hour minimum must be paid prior to any service being performed. Service time beyond the initial two hours will be billed after services have been rendered.

In order to qualify for hourly technical support, clients must currently be running MediNotes e version 5.2 or later. Situations involving a version of Medinotes e or Charting Plus prior to version 5.2 will be evaluated to identify options for technical support and will be handled on an individual basis.

Newer versions of MediNotes e may contain enhancements which address issues in prior versions of software; as a result, some issues may require upgrading to resolve. Staying current on maintenance and running the latest version of software is the best method for minimizing software related problems.

For more assistance with Medinotes e Support Maintenance, please contact Sales at 877-633-6683.

Additional Technical Support Services

Migrating document management software from one server to another is a delicate task. Our Technical Support department is available to assist with additional server installations and server migrations of our V-Chart and eScan products. The cost to setup either V-Chart or eScan on a server is $500. This includes installation of the document management software and database software on the server and configuration of the client installations as needed to communicate with the new server installation. If the installation involves migrating an existing database and patient data from a previous V-Chart or eScan installation then there will be an additional $250 fee.

Contact Technical Support

Phone: 515-327-8854 Fax: 515-327-8856 E-mail:    Hours: 7:00am to 7:00pm (CST) M-F, with the exception of business holidays.